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  • Automatic transformer for household refrigerators & freezer

  • Faratel Cadillac UPS series
    AC uninterrupted Power supply with on-line Double conversion technology
  • Maintenance bypass switch

    It is used in the condition of UPS servicing, replacement and updating in order to direct and without interrupt connection to load.

  • DSS UPS With output power factor of "1"
New proudcts
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Faratel Proudcts

UPS  Models: VENUS | DSS | Cadillac | SDC | SFR
Benefiting from advanced technologies such as Ferroresonant, Double Conversion, Line-Interactive, micro controllers, special protective systems, UPSwing software and etc, Faratel UPSs are the best solution to power problems.
STB  Models: STB12000µ | STB25R | STB2000 | Farapower253
Faratel stabilizers, with new features and design, render complete security and capability to the users of computer systems, laboratory and precise measurement instruments, audio and video systems.
AVR  Models: AVR32F | AVR25C | AVR40 | DigiPower6
The automatic voltage regulators of Faratel, with their unique design, great features and performance, can fully protect the electronic devices and electrical appliances of your home, office and industry against all the power fluctuations of the AC line and...

Battery Cabinet


UPS Accessories

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