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Faratel stabilizers with their unique features have been designed and manufactured in a manner which enables them to fully protect computer systems, laboratory precision instruments, sensitive measurement instruments, and audio/video devices against all power fluctuations and disturbances and also lightning strike surges.
In addition, Faratel stabilizer improves the performance of the mentioned instruments considerably and as a result prolongs the life of these instruments, reduces the repair costs and prevents waste of time.

Product code: 9001750500
Iran code: 2283130002520026
Product Brochure

  • Regulation and stabilization of power line voltage
  • Protection of electrical devices against the out of limit input voltages
  • Noise protection
  • Audible alarm in overload condition
  • Protection of connected loads during power failures and restorations
  • Lightning surge protection
  • Equipped with three receptacles with earth connection for simultaneous use of different users


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