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Faratel Support

The popularity of Faratel, besides the quality of its products, is due to its convenient and quick service and assistance to its clients throughout the country.
The widespread network of the certified representatives of Faratel, even at the remotest corners of the country, has created ease of mind for the customers of Faratel’s products in the small towns. Twelve months guarantees and the five-year after sales services, which is guaranteed by the name of Faratel, have caused the assurance of the customers with regards to the technical support and the spare parts.



Battery Cabinet


UPS Accessories

» SFR » SDC » Cadillac » DSS » VENUS » SBC48V » SBC96V » SBC240 » Sunnyway » CSB » UPS Management Tools » ITR » MBS  



» STB12000µ » STB25R » STB2000 » Farapower253 » AVR32F » AVR25C » AVR40 » DigiPower6 » Fara Monitor » UPSwingPro for Windows » UPSwingPro for other os » UPSwingPro Netshut